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Should Sellers get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?
by zachrichards

Why should I as the seller get a Home Inspection? We get this question quite often, but not often enough. Some sellers do not realize the potential benefits of having a Pre-listing Inspection.  Unfortunately, only after it' s too late do sellers realize that this inexpensive, time sensitive process could have saved them thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs and hours of frustrating negotiations. We at Midland & Associates Home Inspections encourage you to read the following information and educate yourself about pre listing inspections for your upcoming real estate transaction. Thank You and may your upcoming sale be a successful one!
4 Essential Steps to a Fresh, Clean, Healthy Carpet
by Central Illinois FSBO

Everyone is aware that carpeting involves a significant investment. Like any other valuable investment, your carpet requires frequent and constant care in order to preserve and maintain its useful life and its beauty. A regularly planned and scheduled carpet cleaning and maintenance program, will make your carpet look better, last longer, and contribute meaningfully to a healthier home environment.Here are 4 steps to a fresh, clean and healthy carpet.

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